WinSATS Demo Download Registration

  To register and download the WinSATS demo, please follow these steps:
  1. Download the NodeKey ZIP file, unzip it with a utility like WinZip and run NodeKey.exe to obtain your node key:

  2. Now that you have your generated node key, you must fill in the following form and click submit.
  3. Once you have registered and received an e-mail acknowledging your registration, You will be able to use your node key to access the Software downloads area to obtain your 30 day evaluation version of WinSATS
  4. After downloading your WinSATS evaluation version, you will be e-mailed your 30 day WinSATS customer key. You will need this the first time you run WinSATS.

If the demonstration version of WinSATS meets your requirements and you would like a time-limited version with full functionality for further evaluation, please e-mail with a description of your project requirements and your purchasing timescale.
  Registration Form
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Phone Number:
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E-Mail Address:
Node Key: